Welcome, Edith Maxwell/Maddie Day!

Pens, Paws, and Claws would like to welcome Edith Maxwell/Maddie Day to the blog!

Tell our readers a little about yourself and your writing. I’m a fourth-generation Californian who has now lived in Massachusetts longer than I lived in California. I’m a gardener and world traveler, the mother of two fine adult sons, and a full-time novelist writing cozy and historical mysteries and short stories north of Boston.

Tell us about your pets. Are any of them models for pets in your writing? Yes! My tuxedo cat Birdy, who sadly died last summer, is the foundling kitty in the Country Store Mysteries. Always curious and desperate to get on the other side of any door, he was also a cuddler. Preston, our Norwegian Forest cat, is the farm cat in my Local Foods Mysteries. And Christabel is the kitchen cat in my historical Quaker Midwife Mysteries.

What are you reading now? I’m almost done with Aimee Hix’s debut mystery, What Doesn’t Kill You, and next up is Shari Randall’s Curses, Boiled Again, followed by Bruce Robert  Coffin’s second Detective Byron mystery and Kellye Garret’s Hollywood Homicide. There is never a shortage of books I want to read!

What writing projects are you currently working on? I’m polishing Strangled Eggs and Ham, my sixth Country Store Mystery (even though the fourth comes out only next week). Next up is my second Cozy Capers Book Group mystery, and then my fifth Quaker Midwife Mystery.

Did you have childhood pets? If so, tell us about them. We had only two cats, Punky and Blondy. Punky ran away and Blondy died of what my mother called cat fever. My dad found he was allergic to cats and we never had any more pets beyond fish. Loved those neon tetras, though.

How do you use animals in your writing? Are they a character in their own right or just mentioned in passing? They are characters important to my protagonists, but they don’t talk or solve crimes. Even though I don’t know dogs very well, I do have a sweet husky-mix who belongs to the detective in the Local Foods Mysteries

Why do you include animals in your writing? I have animals in my life who mean a lot to me, and many others also do. I include animals for the same reason I include romance in my stories – it’s part of life.

What’s your favorite book or movie that had an animal as a central character? Why? I love Charlotte’s Web. We had the book on cassette tape (yes, I am that old) read by E.B. White himself, and my sons and I listened to it on many a car trip to Quebec and back when they were young. I love the intelligent Charlotte, the wicked Templeton, and dear Wilbur, as well as the human characters. The story tells of love and death and all the emotions in between, but it also has moments of humor.

When did you know you were a writer? And how did you know? I wrote lots of stories as a child, and at about age nine, my mother told me I was a good writer. I took that to heart! I fell away from fiction for thirty or forty years, but I kept my wordsmith chops honed by doing journalism, academic writing, more journalism, and technical writing. Then I realized my true love was making people up, killing off one or two, and restoring justice to a fictional community.

What’s the number one item on your bucket list and why? There are many, but the most likely to be realized first is a trip to Italy with my beau. Or maybe I should say seeing my firstborn get married – he and his sweetie are engaged and looking at wedding venues, so that’s definitely going to happen within a year or so!

What do your pets do when you are writing? Pretty much what they always do – lie around sleeping. Birdy loved to sneak into my office and sleep on my feet or on a corner of my desk, but the other two stay mostly downstairs.

Readers: What do your pets do when you’re trying to focus on a task? Do you stick to cats or dogs, or have both your home? I will give away a signed copy of the new book to one commenter, so be sure to include your email address!

Biscuits and Slashed Browns: For country-store owner Robbie Jordan, the Maple Syrup Festival is a sweet escape from late-winter in South Lick, Indiana—until murder saps the life out of the celebration. Robbie drops her maple-curry biscuits to crack the case before another victim is caught in a sticky and murderous trap.

Biography and Social Media Links:

Edith Maxwell is a 2017 Macavity and Agatha Award nominee and has also had several short stories nominated for an Agatha. She writes the historical Quaker Midwife Mysteries set in Amesbury, and the Local Foods Mysteries. Under the pseudonym Maddie Day she writes the Country Store Mysteries and the Cozy Capers Book Group Mysteries. Her award-winning short crime fiction has appeared in many juried anthologies, and she is honored to serve as President of Sisters in Crime New England and 2018 co-chair of New England Crime Bake.

A fourth-generation Californian and former tech writer, farmer, and doula, Maxwell now writes, cooks, gardens, and wastes time as a Facebook addict north of Boston with her beau and two cats. She blogs at WickedCozyAuthors.com, Killer Characters, and with the Midnight Ink authors.

My web site, edithmaxwell.com, includes information about all my writing, including my historical Quaker Midwife Mysteries, my other contemporary series, and my award-winning short stories. Please stop by, and sign up for my newsletter, too. You can also find me at the following links:

Facebook: Maddie Day and Edith Maxwell

Twitter: @edithmaxwell and @MaddieDayAuthor

Pinterest: EdithMaxwell

Instagram: EdithMaxwellAuthor


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  1. I have three cats so I love your cat pics. Muffin, a black cat, likes to get in trouble. He sits on the right arm of my recliner and I have to keep moving him. (It’s not just on planes where you fight over the armrest! And I’ve never flown.) Then he also likes to try to scratch stuff like a pile of magazines and papers. I covered it with some plastic but then he claws at that. He’s a snuggle buddy and keeps me warm too.

    This is the first time I’ve visited this blog. Saw the post on a Facebook page.

  2. I have a rescue dog, Dewey, who is my 50 lb snuggle buddy. When I vacuum he chases the vacuum and barks. Generally if I am focused on something he lays on the floor beside me.

  3. Both of my senior dogs passed away almost a year ago but they always seemed to know when I was busy doing something. If I was going to vacuum or mop the floor, they would always be in that exact spot snoozing. If I was trying to cook, I would be tripping over them as they “helped”. If I was trying to concentrate on something important, they either needed to go out or my husky would be someplace else in the house and I’d hear something suspicious or it would be much too quiet.
    My daughter has a kitty and if you try to read a newspaper, Kitty tries to sit on the paper or knock it out of your hands.

    1. Margaret, you are the randomly selected winner! Congratulations. Please send your snail mail address to edith at edithmaxwell dot com.

      I wish I had a book for everyone!

  4. Love this interview. Cant wait for your new releases. I have always loved the look and temperament of the Norwegians. Wish I could have had one. I did have a mini panther though, lol. He was 32 pounds, no fat and could see the kitchen counter when he stood up. Now I only have dogs. I have my one rescue boy Tyler and we also have 3 rescued big pups that live here too.

  5. Great interview! I have had cats all of my adult life and life would be so boring without them. I’m definitely a cat person, I have two boys that are a year old, Hamilton and Jefferson. I like that animals are included in books, because they are really part of life.

  6. Thanks for the fun interview. I have a cat and have always loved cats – so love seeing them featured in stories! Can’t wait to read this new installment!!

  7. I don’t have a pet right now, but I used to have a little doggie, Sheba, who followed me around whatever I was doing in the house. Sometimes I’m almost stop on her while I was cooking, she’d be so underfoot. But she sure was a sweetie! legallyblonde1961@yahoo.com

  8. Hi Edith,
    I grew up in California and moved in 1976 to the South. Thanks for sharing your background and your love of cats. I am allergic to cats but not dogs.
    I enjoyed reading your interview and agree a book without an animal doesn’t reach the heart. My two dogs take turns squeezing under my desk and nudge me for a walk after a few hours.

  9. We have two cats and for the most part, they don’t bother us when we are busy, unless its time for them to be fed, which is at 5 am and 5 pm. Right now, both are asleep on the bed. We like both cats and dogs and had a dog, some years ago. It is hard to imagine our lives without cats. It was difficult when our dog passed because I was so used to taking care of him, taking him on walks, etc. dbahn(at)iw(dot)net

    1. I can’t imagine my life without cats, either, even though I’m mildly allergic to them. I just make sure to wash my hands after petting them, because if I don’t and I touch my eyes, I’m all sneeze city.

  10. My cat, Punkin, knows when I busy! She weaves in and out of my feet.
    I can’t wait for Biscuits and Slashed Browns to come out! It’s a great series.

  11. I have had dogs and cats all my life. For the last 14 years we have raised puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind here in California. On the rare occasions we are without a puppy for a few days it feels very empty in the house. I talk to the puppies all the time and I think it really strengthens our bond. We all get something out of the interaction.

    1. Hi Tina, I had to repsond to you raising dogs for the blind. what an awesome task you have! I write YA stories about a puppy raiser for service dogs and do all myreesearch with PAALS.org. These dogs help children and adults with autism, mobiltiy isssues, and PTSD.

  12. We are dog lovers and used to have one. Now we travel too much with our work to have a dog. Someday when we stop traveling we will get a dog again.

  13. I enjoyed the interview. I love that you make the pets in your books feel so real. A book without a dog or cat is just a little less. The babies that fill our house are rescue mutt and are the most beautiful babies in the world. We have had cats but now we just feed whoever wanders in from the neighborhood. We are getting more since Harvey has left so many houses empty until they can be repaired.
    Can’t wait until Biscuits and Slash Browns lands on my Kindle!

  14. Great interview. My cats like to play with me when I am trying to do work. If I am writing out the bills they play with the pen. Stuff like that. So funny. Thanks for the chance to win.


  15. Wow! So prolific. We nearly ended up in Boston when we headed over from the UK as we had a choice between Boston and San Jose. San Jose won because my husband said he thought it was warmer. I think he was right!??

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