New Dog Blog by KB Inglee

New Dog Blog – by KB Inglee

After my longtime pal Wendigo had been euthanized and the foster dog went home, the place seemed very empty. I spent a couple of days going over the lists of dogs in the two local pounds. There were a couple that caught my attention. A Malinois, when I saw my first one years ago I said someday I will own a dog like that. He was a lovely dog, but way over my weight restriction. I can handle a 30 pound dog, but he was way more. There was a Catahoula Leopard dog. I had met one at the park where I work. Beautiful, but again over the weight restriction. I am no spring chicken, and I needed a dog that wouldn’t knock me over had push me down the stairs to inherit all the boxes of dog biscuits stashed in the pantry.

When searching the web sites, both my daughter and I had noticed a pair of terriers that had to be adopted together. They were sisters from different litters, same mother different father. They were three years old. One was blind; the other acted as her eyes so they had to be adopted together. We spent an hour or so cuddling them in the family room, and without hesitation on either of our parts we took them home with us.

We knew before we met them that they were a pair and we couldn’t have one without the other. I wouldn’t want one without the other. Did we really want to adopt a blind dog? Did we really want to adopt two dogs? Well, even taken together, they fit within the weight restriction. But what about never adopting another terrorist, oops I mean terrier?

The staff at the SPCA said that lots of people were happy to take the blind dog, but no one wanted both. I knew that I would need both dogs if I was going to take either of them. The blind dog would not be able to cope without her sister, the seeing eyes for both of them. The sister would not be happy without her charge. I would not be able to bond with either if I didn’t take both.

Even taken that they weighed less than half my weight restriction, they cost the same as two dogs. They would eat less than my recently dead true love, Wendy. But vet visits would be for two dogs. License fees would be for two dogs. It is quite expensive to adopt a dog, even from a shelter. But what you get is a dog who will love you forever because you brought him to live in your home. You get a dog that has had all his shots, all her grooming, a bit of rudimentary training. and handling and has been rendered puppyless. Neutering and spaying alone would cost the fee to adopt the dog.

Oh, yes, they came with names. They came with personalities, too. They are Gipsy and Luna. I wanted to rename them because they are part of my family now. On the other hand they are three years old and have had the same name for a while. Don’t want to think about this too long before I bestow new name on this pair. OK enough thinking. You can keep your names.

Welcome to our home, both of you.

Hi from Luna,

We went to the vet yesterday and got stuck with needles but everyone told us we were good dogs. We saw some people there we know. They came to say hi to us. Are we famous dogs?

Our new home is bigger than our old room. But there are all kinds of things to walk into. I have discovered that if I listen for KB’s voice, there is a straight path to her and she will keep talking to me ’til I get there. Then she will pat me and scratch my ears and, tells me I am a good dog. Sometimes I get scared and start walking in circles. I feel safer if I can touch Gypsye. She doesn’t mind.

Gipsy spends too much time playing with KB.

We don’t like the food here.


From KB:

The food here is the same as the food at the SPCA,

Luna is learning to navigate the furniture and goes off by herself from time to time. She is even learning to walk on a leash.

Hi from Gypsye,

It is very quiet here. I have been catching up on my sleep. At night KB carries us upstairs and we can curl up together and get a good nights sleep at the foot of her bed. Then in the morning she carries us downstairs and we spend the day on the sofa or sniffing around the rooms. We can get up and down off the sofa and the big comfy chair because there is a step stool up against them. KB is teaching us how to do the stairs and how to walk on a leash.

I guess I will get to like it here in a while. There are toys all over the place that smell like two other dogs, but we are the only dogs here.

KB takes us out for a walk every day. It is only to the corner of the street because we get all tangled up in the leash and Luna has to be carried home. KB says that’s OK and that we will get better at it.

Luna spends too much time sleeping by KB’s feet while she is writing. KB says she is the writer’s dog and I am the family dog.


From KB

“We” is not the royal we. My daughter (writer Elizabeth Inglee Richards) and I picked out the dogs together.

Photos: first one KB and Gypsye, Second one KB With Luna the blind dog. The hird is both dogs on the sofa.



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