Our Pets

Disney and Riley

Disney (the brunette) and Riley share their home with Heather Weidner and her husband. These crazy Jack Russell Terriers enjoy playing ball, long walks, and snuggling on the couch. Disney bosses her brother around every chance she gets, and Riley protects the property from moles, squirrels, rabbits, and joggers. The pair of Jacks have two speeds: full throttle and snoozing.

Morris and Olive

Morris and Olive live with Maggie and Glen King. Morris is a handsome orange and white Manx with a cute little tail who loves to cuddle and curl up in our laps. Olive is a glam and big-pawed Norwegian Forest cat with a hunting prowess that would have made the goddess Diana proud.

Morris has a maternal side and frequently grooms Olive. She loves the pampering and occasionally reciprocates. But, alas, Olive is a taker, not a giver.

Both are very sweet and charming. They use their charm to get frequent treats.


Gibbs Sheluk

Gibbs reporting in. I was named after Leroy Jethro Gibbs on the TV show NCIS. I was born on October 21, 2015, which was “Back to the Future” day. My breeder, Maplelane Golden Retrievers in Alliston, Ontario, Canada, asked all the human parents to give the dogs in the Annie x Molson litter a Canadian Kennel Club name with a Back to the Future theme. Judy and Mike called me Maplelane’s The Power of Love (that was the movie’s theme song). What can I say? Gibbs is so much more sensible, although I do believe in the power of love, don’t you?

Most of the time, I live in Alliston, which is a small town about an hour northwest of Toronto, but sometimes I live at our camp on Lake Superior, near Sault Ste. Marie. I love swimming, even when the water is very cold. Sometimes we will see a black bear or two and I’ve been told not to try and play with them.

My favorite things to do besides swimming are going for long walks, sleeping under Judy’s desk while she writes, and lying by her feet while she reads. So far, she hasn’t included me in any of her stories, but I’m working on her.

Be sure to stop by Judy’s Facebook author page every Wednesday, where Judy posts a new WEDNESDAY WAGGLES photo of me.

Semper Fi!

Mulligan and Slater

Stripey Cat


Tucker and Midnight Mia

Tucker is officially O'Morns Trouble on the Line at Ivy Lea but that's quite a mouthful for a wild, woolly young Irisher, like Tuck.  Irisher, you say?  Yep.  Tuck is an Irish Water Spaniel, quite the rare beast.  He's a curly-coated brown trickster, with big gold-coin eyes and a bright, mischievous personality.  Tuck is not-quite 2 years old, and is the 4-legged clown of the household.

 Midnight Mia is our black Labrador Retriever.  She's a happy, delightful and very typical black Lab - which means never leave your plate unattended, or a package of buns too close to the edge of the counter!  Mia is 11 and still acting like a puppy rather than a staid old gal.

Shiner, Sky, Baby Ben, & Patience

Shiner is Cherie O'Boyle's real-life border collie, likely the last in a long family of border collies. Shiner has lived a busy sporting life. He is titled in flyball and sheepherding and has more letters after his name than Cherie does (and that’s saying something!). He loves to swim and fetch balls and is currently practicing nosework. 

Baby Ben, the cockapoo, is working hard on learning to behave himself. It took him forever, but it seems he has finally trained his humans to take him into the backyard regularly and in a timely manner. He hopes to achieve his Canine Good Citizen degree next summer. Either that, or he’ll just continue to pester the cat, chase wheelchairs, and leap gleefully and without warning into the laps of elderly friends.

Shiner and Ben have a five-year-old cat who is named Patience, but not because she’s got any. She burrowed under a pile of blankets just after Ben came home, and not much has been heard from her since. She is faster at nosework practice tasks than Shiner but refuses to travel to trials and so has not won any ribbons.