Hello from Ed and Lonnie of Tracy Weber’s Murder Likes It Hot!

Note from Tracy: Hi all!  I’m totally swamped preparing for Tuesday’s launch of my sixth Downward Dog Mystery, Murder Likes it Hot, so instead of writing a blog article, I decided to share an excerpt starring two new characters, Ed and Lonnie. This scene introduces Lonnie the first time yoga teacher/sleuth Kate Davidson meets him. His cage mate, Ed, shows up soon.

Meet Lonnie!
And his partner in mischief, Ed!


Something small, brown, and furry with a hairless tail scurried past my right ankle.

“Aack! it’s a mouse!” I shrieked.

Gabriel’s demeanor changed in a heartbeat. From easygoing to frustrated, with a dollop of fear thrown in for good measure. “It’s not a mouse, it’s a rat! Catch him!”

He had to be joking. I was frozen. Stuck between irreconcilable impulses to run for the street and leap on the desk. I had no time to chase after scaly tailed vermin.

Don’t get me wrong, I love animals. All animals.

Except rats.

Gabriel pushed past me, and I stumbled into the hallway.

“God dammit, Lonnie!” He yelled. “Get back here.” He chased the nine-inch-long rodent toward the kitchen.

The young men at the pool table doubled up with laughter. Gabriel paused long enough to chastise them. “Don’t just stand there. Check on Ed!” A brunette tween leaped from the couch and ran into Gabriel’s office.

Ed? Did that mean there was a second one?

My eyes whipped back and forth across the carpet. My feet danced. I hopped from left foot to right foot and back again, terrified that a second rodent was about to crawl up my pant leg.

The way I saw it, I had two choices: stay here and hope that Rat Boy’s twin didn’t chomp on my ankle or run after Gabriel to the kitchen, where hopefully one of the vermin would soon be corralled.

I chose option two.

To learn more about “the boys,” and the trouble they’re about to cause, Check out Murder Likes it Hot this coming Tuesday.  Enjoy!

Tracy Weber

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