Confessions of a Cat-less Cat Lady

Hi, my name is Kristin Kisska, and I’m addicted to cats.

There, I said it.  I love cats, always have…The way they stretch their neck when scratched under their throat, purring, their soft fur, the feline stealth walk, their purring, and even the way they walk figure eights underfoot to get someone’s attention.  I’m convinced I may have been a feline in a previous life given my love of snoozing in a random sunbeam.

Oh, did I mention the purrs?  In my humble opinion, there is no better anti-anxiety med than a purring cat sitting on your lap. Amiright?

So why no cats, Kristin?  Yes, I sometimes ask myself the same question, to which I can only respond a certain adult, male human—who shall remain nameless—in my household cannot abide living among pets. Yeah, my kids and I don’t get it either.

What’s a cat-less cat lady to do?

I get my feline fix by visiting (and donating pet goods to) our local SPCA.

Here is a little tuxedo kitten, Swango, we recently crushed on.

And this adorable three-month-old brown tabby, Turquoise, almost made its way to his forever home.  Mine.

Someday it’ll happen.  This cat lady will no longer be cat-less.  But until then, my furry friends will live amid the photos on my phone and tucked quietly between the pages of my books.


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